Title Year Language Read
Report 7th OECD Rural Conference "Developing rural policies to meet the needs of a changing world" 2009 english report-annual-oecd-rural-conference-canada-2009-programadtr.pdf
Agriculture and climate change: An agenda for negotiation in Copenhagen 2009 english ifpri_agriculture_and_climate_change_march_09.pdf
The global food challenge - Towards a human rights approach to trade and investment policies 2008 english iatp_global_food_challengesummary.pdf
Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion - Turning territorial diversity into strenght 2008 english dg_regio_green_paper.pdf
Sustainability evaluation of high value-added products 2008 english measuringsustainabilityofhighvalueaddedproducts.pdf
What does the world want to eat? Report of the Future of Food seminar 2008 english future-of-food_report_brussels.pdf
Rural development conference: Rural areas - Current situation and future challenges (Background document) 2008 english enrd_background_document.pdf
What does the world want to eat? Report of the Future of Food seminar - Summary 2008 english future-of-food_summary_brussels.pdf
Food prices in Europe 2008 english ec_food_prices.pdf
Future of trade policy: 10 strategies for South Asia 2008 english trade_insight_10.pdf
Green paper on Agricultural product quality: product standards, farming requirements and quality schemes 2008 english quality_food_products_greenpaper_ec_en.pdf
Prix des denrées alimentaires en Europe 2008 french ec_food_prices_fr.pdf
Les politiques agricoles et la tourmente des marchés mondiaux des matières premières 2008 french bourgeois_matpremlb.pdf
Regions 2020: An assessment of future challenges for EU regions 2008 english regions2020_dg_regioen.pdf
European young farmers' priorities for the CAP after 2013 2008 english ceja-n-057-2008-en_declaration20installation2020cap202013_finale.pdf
Régions 2020: Évaluation des défis qui se poseront aux régions de l'UE 2008 french regions2020_dg_regiofr.pdf
Annual report 2008 2008 english wto_trade_profiles_2008.pdf
Les priorites des jeunes agriculteurs europeens pour la PAC de l'apres 2013 2008 french ceja-n-057-2008-fr_declaration20installation2020cap202013_finale.pdf
Demographic challenges for European regions 2008 english regions2020_dg_regio_demographyen.pdf
Living planet report 2008 2008 english living_planet_report_2008_wwf.pdf