Title Year Language Read
Agriculture at a crossroads - Executive Summary 2009 english agriculture_at_a_crossroads_executive_summaryen.pdf
Le rôle de la coopération en faveur du développement et de l'aide alimentaire dans la réalisation du droit à une alimentation suffisante: de la charité à l'obligation 2009 french the_right_to_food_unhrcfr.pdf
A better functioning food supply chain in Europe - Competition in the food supply chain 2009 english publication16065_competition_food_chain_ec.pdf
The climate change challenge for European Regions 2009 english regions2020_dg_regio_climateen.pdf
Agriculture at a crossroads - Résumé à l'intention des décideurs 2009 french agriculture_at_a_crossroads_executive_summaryfr.pdf
EU agriculture and climate change 2009 english ep-ag-and_climate_change.pdf
The national food administration's environmentally effective food choices - Proposal notified to the EU 2009 english environmentally_effective_food_choices_proposal_eu_2009.pdf
Roadmap to boost the European agro-food industry 2009 english agro_food_industry_roadmapen.pdf
Outcomes of the High-Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Industry Proposal to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the EU food supply chain 2009 english publication16065_competition_food_chain_ec_acc_doc.pdf
Riding the wave: high prices, big business? The role of multinationals in the international grain markets 2009 english riding_the_wave_lei2009.pdf
Imported food could be greener than local, says DEFRA 2009 english imported_food_could_be_greener_than_local.doc
New challenges for agricultural research: Climate change, Food security, rural development, agricultural knowledge systems 2009 english scar_foresight_process_publication_exercise.pdf
Global food responsibility - The European Union and the United States must chart a new path 2009 english global_food_responsibility_iatp.pdf
Une feuille de route pour développer l'industrie agroalimentaire européenne 2009 french agro_food_industry_roadmapfr.pdf
Analysis of price transmission along the food supply chain in the EU 2009 english publication16067_price_transmission_ec.pdf
Situation on the milk market 2009 english situation_milk_market_ec.pdf
Globalisation challenges for European regions 2009 english regions2020_dg_regio_globalisationen.pdf
Agriculture and climate change: An agenda for negotiation in Copenhagen 2009 english ifpri_agriculture_and_climate_change_march_09.pdf
Agricultural commodity derivative markets: the way ahead 2009 english publication16071_derivative_markets_ec.pdf
Beyond factory farming - Sustainable Solutions for Animals, Peopleand the Planet 2009 english beyondfactoryfarmingreport2009_compassioninworldfarming.pdf