Title Year Language Read
Update of Analysis of Prospects in the Scenar 2020 Study (Executive summary) 2009 english scenar2020-ii_summary.pdf
Europe and Global Food Security: What is food security? 2009 english euractiv_dossier_on_food_security.doc
Volatility of farm incomes, prices and yields in the European Union 2009 english volatility_farm_incomes_eu_lei.pdf
Consultation on the Future "EU 2020" Strategy - Working document 2009 english eu2020_strategy.pdf
Is Local Food Better? 2009 english is_local_food_better_s_deweerdt.doc
The state of food and agriculture - Livestock in the balance 2009 english fao_state_of_food_and_agriculture_lifestock.pdf
High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Industry 2009 english final_report_hlg_agro_food_industryen.pdf
Agriculture standards benchmark study 2009 english benchmarking20report20-20teaser.pdf
Blocks and industrial plants - The new "crops" of Transylvanian Rurbanity 2009 english sgt_rurban.pdf
Vista on a new rural policy 2009 english vista_on_a_new_rural_policy.pdf
High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Industry - Roadmap of key initiatives 2009 english final_report_hlg_agro_food_industry_recommendationsen.pdf
Nature parks as planning objects within integrated regional development 2009 english natuure_pakrk_-_development_-_awi.pdf
Wal-Mart scrutinizes supply-chain sustainability 2009 english wal-mart_supply_chain_sustainability.doc
Mitigating Climate change through food and land use 2009 english mitigating_climate_change_through_food_and_land_use_-_world_watch_institute_2012.pdf
Les clés d'une stratégie européenne pour le développement rural 2009 french note-developpement_rural-_mjouen_01.pdf
Trade Policy Review - Report by the Secretariat European Communities 2009 english wto_trade_policy_review_european_communities.doc
Declaration of the World Summit on Food Security 2009 english fao-food_security_declaration.pdf
Why do we need a Common Agricultural Policy - Discussion paper 2009 english ec-cap2013_discussion_paper.pdf
Oilseed Rape 2009 english holl_speciality_oilseed_rape_-_monsanto.pdf
Mitigating Climate change through food and land use - Summary 2009 english mitigating_climate_change_through_food_and_land_use.doc