Title Year Language Read
Key elements of sustainable food production and consumption: a discussion document 2010 english softagrireport_2010.pdf
Agricultural innovation for food security and poverty reduction in the 21st century: Issues for Africa and the World 2010 english sow1120issues20paper_full20version_final.pdf
Working document on Fair revenues for farmers: A better functioning food supply chain in Europe 2010 english http_www.europarl.europa.eu_sides_getdoc.do_pubref-_ep_nonsgmlcomparlpe-439.pdf
The CAP towards 2020: working paper on the EC Communication of November 2010 2010 english pe438618_en_summary.pdf
Vision 2050 - The new agenda for business 2010 english vision_2050_fullreport_040210.pdf
Avenir de la PAC 2014-2020: Constats, propositions et leviers d'action 2010 french propositions_groupe_pac_2013.pdf
How to feed the growing middle class responsibly? Report of the Future of Food seminar 2010 english future_of_food_seminar_sao_paolo_2013.pdf
Can we feed 9 billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way? 2010 english feeding20the20future20booklet20final.pdf
Sustainability will become pre-competitive - Report of the Future of Food seminar 2010 english futureoffood_report_20100428.pdf
The CAP towards 2020: meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future 2010 english ec_draft_communication_on_cap_towards_2020_100929.pdf
EU Rural Review - Rural Diversity 2010 english enrd_rural_review3_diversity.pdf
Global Powers of the consumer products industry 2010 - Extracting value 2010 english nl_en_cb_global_powers_consumer_products_2010.pdf
Sustainability and security of the global food supply chain 2010 english rabobanksustainability_29286998.pdf
Sustainability will become pre-competitive - Summary from Report of the Future of Food seminar 2010 english futureoffood_report_summary_20100428.pdf
The future of the CAP after 2013 2010 english cdr127-2010_rev1_pac_en1.doc
Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture - Summary 2010 english oecd_water_ag.pdf
Working document on The Future of the CAP after 2013 2010 english en_george_lyan_working_document.doc
EU Rural Review - Employment and Social Inclusion 2010 english enrd_rural_review6_employment.pdf
Intégrer les petits producteurs dans les filières d'approvisionnement: les grandes enterprises doivent changer leur modèle 2010 french petits_producteurs_dans_filieres_dapprovisionnemt.pdf
Does population decline lead to economic decline in EU rural regions? 2010 english 2010_01_population_decline.pdf