Title Yearsort ascending Language Read
A resource-efficient Europe - Flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy 2011 english resource_efficient_europe_european_commission2011.pdf
2011 Global food policy report - Preview 2011 english global_food_policy_report_2011_ifpri_-_preview.pdf
Examples of 'Green Growth' projects 2011 english green-growth-examples.pdf
Green paper on From challenges to opportunities: Towards a common strategic framework for EU research and innovation funding 2011 english com_2011_0048_csf_green_paper_en-research.pdf
Sustainable food consumption and production in a resource-constrained world 2011 english scar_feg3_final_report_01_02_2011.pdf
Developing a vision on the future of agriculture and rural development in the EU 2011 english constantinou_dgagri.ppt
Biodiesel in Germany/Europe 2011 english biodiesel_ufop_24112011en.ppt
Feeding the Financial Hype - How Excessive Financial Investments Impact Agricultural Derivatives Markets 2011 english feeding_the_financial_hype.pdf
National water footprint accounts: The green, blue and grey, water footprint of production and consumption 2011 english report50-nationalwaterfootprints-vol1.pdf
The protein puzzle - The consumption and production of meat, dairy and fish in the European Union 2011 english protein_puzzle_web.pdf
The CAP towards 2020: Impact Assessment of Alternative Policy Options 2011 english cap_impact_assessment.pdf
The Food Crises and Political Instability in North Africa and the Middle East 2011 english food_crisespolitical_instability_necsi2012.pdf
Who will feed the world? The production challenge 2011 english who-will-feed-the-world-oxfam.pdf
The model region of Gussing - An example of the Austrian grassroots strategy for energy independency 2011 english gussing_energy_model.doc
The CAP in perspective: from market intervention to policy innovation 2011 english the_cap_in_perspective_from_market_intervention_to_policy_innovation_-_european_commission_2014.pdf
Future proof your village - A guide to sustainable local living 2011 english futureproof_your_village_nrd_northern_ireland.pdf
EU Rural Review - Agricultural product quality: a success factor for EU rural areas 2011 english enrd_rural_review8_organic_farmingquality_productsen.pdf
My vision on the CAP post 2013 2010 english cap.2013_h._popp.docx
The EU historical responsibility to rebuild the agricultural policies on food sovereignty 2010 english eu_responsibility_to_rebuild_the_agricultural_policies_on_food_sovereignty.pdf
Study on Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas (SEGIRA) - Main report 2010 english ecorys_segira_fulltext.pdf