Title Year Language Read
Developing a vision on the future of agriculture and rural development in the EU 2011 english constantinou_dgagri.ppt
The Food Crises and Political Instability in North Africa and the Middle East 2011 english food_crisespolitical_instability_necsi2012.pdf
Who will feed the world? The production challenge 2011 english who-will-feed-the-world-oxfam.pdf
The model region of Gussing - An example of the Austrian grassroots strategy for energy independency 2011 english gussing_energy_model.doc
The CAP in perspective: from market intervention to policy innovation 2011 english the_cap_in_perspective_from_market_intervention_to_policy_innovation_-_european_commission_2014.pdf
Future proof your village - A guide to sustainable local living 2011 english futureproof_your_village_nrd_northern_ireland.pdf
EU Rural Review - Agricultural product quality: a success factor for EU rural areas 2011 english enrd_rural_review8_organic_farmingquality_productsen.pdf
Food security and national security: Learning from China's approach to managing its wheat supplies 2011 english iatp_foodsecurity_china.pdf
Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods in the United States 2011 english err128_reportsummary.pdf
The EU-15 dumping of animal products on average from 2006 to 2008 2011 english dumping, livestock, livestock farming, export, import, export refunds, agricultural products, milk
The future of CAP direct payments 2011 english the_future_of_cap_direct_payments_-_european_commission_2014.pdf
Territoires, produits et acteurs locaux: des liens de qualité - Guide pour promouvoirla qualité liée à l'origine et des indications géographiques durables 2011 english fao_quality_guidefr.pdf
Food security and the EU's Common Agricultural Policy: Facts Against Fears 2011 english zahrnt_foodsecturitycap.pdf
The future of CAP market measures 2011 english the_future_of_cap_market_measures_-_european_commission_2014.pdf
Do the design and management of the geographical indications scheme allow it to be effective? 2011 english geogprahical_indications_scheme_eca.pdf
EU Rural Review - Public Goods and Rural Development 2011 english ruralreview7_publicgoods_rd.pdf
DERREG - Developing Europe's Rural Regions in the Era of Globalization 2011 english derreg20policy20brief20final20version.pdf
Choosing today for a stronger CAP tomorrow 2010 english orientation_paper_cap_reform.pdf
France sees wide support to regulate food markets 2010 english france_regulate_world_food_markets.doc
Evaluation of the livestock sector's contribution to the EU greenhouse gas emissions - Full report 2010 english jrs_lifestock_ghg_contribution.pdf