Title Yearsort ascending Language Read
Price volatility in food and agricultural markets: Policy responses 2011 english interagency_report_to_the_g20_on_food_price_volatility.pdf
The Common Strategic Framework and its Impact on Rural Development (Full report) 2011 english the_csf_and_its_impact_on_rural_development.pdf
The diversity of rural areas as background for place-based policy and planning 2011 english wass-seminar-sylvia-herrmann.pdf
The water footprint of humanity 2011 english hoekstra-mekonnen-2012-water-footprint-of-humanity.pdf
Competitive European Regions through Research and Innovation - New practical Guide to EU funding opportunities for research and innovation 2011 english st13619en11_competitiveeuropeanregionsthroughresearchandinnovation.pdf
State of the world: Innovations that nourish the planet 2011 english stateoftheworld2011.pdf
Food for thought against food security concerns 2011 english food_for_thought_against_food_security_concerns.doc
Life cycle impacts of protein-rich foods for Superwijzer 2011 english ce_delft_-_life_cycle_impacts_of_protein-rich_foods_for_superwijzer_.pdf
Making U.S. Trade Policy Serve Global Food Security Goals 2011 english iatp_hansen_ustradepolicy.pdf
The energy report: 100% renewable energy by 2050 2011 english wwf_energy_report_final_print_2.pdf
Scarcity in a sea of plenty? Global resource scarcities and policies in the European Union and the Netherlands 2011 english pbl_scarcity_in_a_sea_of_plenty.pdf
A resource-efficient Europe - Flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy 2011 english resource_efficient_europe_european_commission2011.pdf
Regulation on support for rural development y EAFRD 2011 english leaked_new_rdr_20jul11.pdf
The EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 2011 english the_eu_biodiversity_strategy_to_2020.pdf
Participatory Research and On-Farm Management of Agricultural Biodiversity in Europe 2011 english foodsecurity_climatechange_iied.pdf
Jacobs researchers find flaws in food logistics 2011 english jacobs_researchers_find_flaws_in_food_logistics.doc
2011 Global food policy report - Preview 2011 english global_food_policy_report_2011_ifpri_-_preview.pdf
Examples of 'Green Growth' projects 2011 english green-growth-examples.pdf
Green paper on From challenges to opportunities: Towards a common strategic framework for EU research and innovation funding 2011 english com_2011_0048_csf_green_paper_en-research.pdf
The CAP towards 2020: Impact Assessment of Alternative Policy Options 2011 english cap_impact_assessment.pdf