Publications ยป Water

Title Year Language Read
Integration of EU water policy objectives with the CAP: a partial success 2014 english integration_of_eu_water_policy_objectives_a_partial_success_-_european_court_of_auditors_2014.pdf
Environment and Development Challenges: The Imperative to Act 2012 english blue_planet_prize_winners_paper.pdf
Water quality and agriculture: Meeting the policy challenge - Executive Summary 2012 english oecd_waterqualityagriculture_summaryreport.pdf
Pink LEDs Grow Future Food with 90% Less Water 2012 english pink_leds_grow_future_food_with_90_less_water.pdf
Agriculture and the threat of water scarce in alpine regions 2012 english sr103_agriculture_and_the_threat_of_water_scare_in_alpine_regions2012.pdf
The water footprint of humanity 2011 english hoekstra-mekonnen-2012-water-footprint-of-humanity.pdf
National water footprint accounts: The green, blue and grey, water footprint of production and consumption 2011 english report50-nationalwaterfootprints-vol1.pdf
The water footprint assessment manual - Setting the global standard 2011 english thewaterfootprintassessmentmanual.pdf
The state of the world's land and water resources for food and agriculture - Summary report 2011 english waterland_resources_fao.pdf
Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture - Summary 2010 english oecd_water_ag.pdf
Vital signs 2010 - The trends that are shaping our future 2010 english vital_signs_2010.pdf
Water footprint manual 2009 english waterfootprintmanual2009.pdf
Integrated Solutions to the Water, Agriculture and Climate Crises 2009 english integrated_solutions_iatp.pdf
Water scarcity looms 2009 english water_scarcity_looms-_gary_gardner.doc
Water for food, Water for life: A comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture 2007 english comprehensive_assessment_of_water_management_in_agriculture.pdf