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Title Year Language Read
Trade and Food Security 2010 english european_economic_and_social_committee_m._campli.doc
The increase use of the inward processing relief is depriving EU farmers of significant outlets 2010 english imports_under_inward_processing_relief_deprives_eu_farmers_of_large_outlets.pdf
A blueprint for reform of the WTO agreement on agriculture 2009 english wto_agriculture_ecipe.pdf
Annual report 2009 2009 english wto_annual_report_2009.pdf
Imported food could be greener than local, says DEFRA 2009 english imported_food_could_be_greener_than_local.doc
Trade Policy Review - Report by the Secretariat European Communities 2009 english wto_trade_policy_review_european_communities.doc
Annual report 2008 2008 english wto_trade_profiles_2008.pdf
Future of trade policy: 10 strategies for South Asia 2008 english trade_insight_10.pdf
Annual report 2007 2007 english wto_annual_report_2007.pdf
Open letter to Trade Minister to the WTO 2007 english letter_iatp_doha.pdf
Diversity of impact: Agricultural trade liberalisation, poverty and development 2007 english diversity_of_impact_lei.pdf
The agricultural trade developments of major WTO players 2006 english monitoring_agricultural_trade_policy_june2006.pdf
WTO: we need a new approach 2006 english new_approach_wto_h._popp.doc
Changing WTO-rules and how they concern the question of open versus regulated agricultural markets 2006 english greif-popp-stauderwto01.09.doc
Agriculture: for a regulation of world trade 2005 english agriculture_-_for_a_regulation_of_world_trade.pdf
Agriculture: pour une régulation du commerce mondial 2005 french agriculture_-_pour_une_regulation_du_commerce_mondial.pdf
The Commission proposal and the Doha Round: What impact on EU Agriculture? 2005 english eu_and_doha.pdf