Title Year Language Read
The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture 2010 english 100questions_future-ag.pdf
Does population decline lead to economic decline in EU rural regions? 2010 english 2010_01_population_decline.pdf
The increase use of the inward processing relief is depriving EU farmers of significant outlets 2010 english imports_under_inward_processing_relief_deprives_eu_farmers_of_large_outlets.pdf
The impact of private labels on the competitiveness of the European food supply chain 2010 english private_labels_-_lei.pdf
Agro-political perspectives after 2013 - Austria's attitude towards Common Agricultural Policy 2010 english austrias_perspectives_after_2013.doc
The CAP's contribution to the collective well-being: A complex assessment 2010 english gohin-notreeurope_ang.pdf
EU Rural Review - Climate Action 2010 english enrd_rural_review4_climatechange.pdf
Dairy products cannot be left to market forces alone - Press release 2010 english eesc_press_release.pdf
Speech: I want a CAP that is strong, efficient and well balanced 2010 english speech-10-400_en1.pdf
Evaluation methods for rural development policy 2010 english evaluation_methods_rd_lei.pdf
Integrating public health in the Common Agriculture Policy 2010 english conclusions_integrating_public_health_cap.pdf
La PAC post 2013 - Rapport de cloture 2010 french hervieu-closing-report_fr.pdf
The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity 2010 english teeb_synthreport_economics_of_ecosystemsbiodiversity.pdf
Le Discours: Je veux une PAC forte, efficace et equilibree 2010 french speech-10-400_fr1.pdf
Right to food - Report 2010 english un_hrc_right_to_food.pdf
Regulation on Agricultural product quality policy 2010 english dgagri_agproductqualityschemes_proposal.pdf
Averting the next food criris: What role for food reserves? 2010 english averting_the_next_food_crisis.doc
For a New European Agriculture and Food Policy that meets the challenges of this century 2010 english proposal_for_a_new_european_agriculture_and_food_policy-.pdf
Guidelines on the labelling of foodstuffs using protected designation of origin (PDOs) or protected geographical indications (PGIs) as ingredients 2010 english dgagri_guidelines_labelling_pdo-pgi_products.pdf
Vital signs 2010 - The trends that are shaping our future 2010 english vital_signs_2010.pdf