Title Year Language Read
UK Food Security Assessment: Detailed Analysis 2010 english defra_foodsecurityassessment_2.pdf
How to save rural France 2010 english how_to_save_rural_france.doc
Les indicateurs de développement durable 2010 french revuecgdd_indicateurs_developpement_durable.pdf
Toward sustainable agricultural systems in the 21st century 2010 english sus-ag_21st_century.pdf
US and EU lower cereals stocks and new hikes in food prices ahead 2010 english us_and_eu_projected_lower_cereals_stocks_and_new_hikes_in_food_prices_ahead.doc
Study on Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas (SEGIRA) - Summary 2010 english ecorys_segira_summary.pdf
The CAP post 2012 - Closing report 2010 english matthews-closing-report_en.pdf
Placing the 2006/08 Commodity Price Boom into Perspective 2010 english worldbank_foodpriceboom.pdf
My vision on the CAP post 2013 2010 english cap.2013_h._popp.docx
EU Rural Review - Creativity and Innovation in EU Rural Development 2010 english enrd_rural_review2_innovation.pdf
The EU historical responsibility to rebuild the agricultural policies on food sovereignty 2010 english eu_responsibility_to_rebuild_the_agricultural_policies_on_food_sovereignty.pdf
France sees wide support to regulate food markets 2010 english france_regulate_world_food_markets.doc
Socio-spatial reconfiguraions in a transformative landscape 2010 english sgt_reconfig.pdf
Trade and Food Security 2010 english european_economic_and_social_committee_m._campli.doc
Local food systems in Europe: Case studies from five countries and what they imply for policy and practice 2010 english faan_booklet_print.pdf
Choosing today for a stronger CAP tomorrow 2010 english orientation_paper_cap_reform.pdf
Evaluation of the livestock sector's contribution to the EU greenhouse gas emissions - Full report 2010 english jrs_lifestock_ghg_contribution.pdf
Bluesign criteria for textile manufacturers 2010 english blue-sign_criteria_textile_manufacturers_v1.3.pdf
Evaluation of the livestock sector's contribution to the EU greenhouse gas emissions - Executive summary 2010 english jrs_lifestock_ghg_contribution_summary.pdf
Place-based approaches to regional development: Global trends and Australian implications 2010 english tomaney_2010_place-based_approaches_to_regional_development.pdf