Title Year Language Read
Summary for policy makers 2011 english ena_policy_summary_nitrogen.pdf
Moving away from business as usual in agriculture 2011 english moving_away_from_business-as_usual_in_agriculture_iddri2012.pdf
Food waste acros EU 27 - Preparatory study 2011 english food_waste_acroos_eu_27_-_european_commission.pdf
Global food losses and food waste 2011 english save-food_fao.pdf
The future of rural development policy 2011 english the_future_of_rural_development_policy_-_european_commission_2014.pdf
Action plan on food price volatility and agriculture - Ministerial declaration 2011 english 2011-06-23_-_action_plan_-g20.pdf
Energy Roadmap 2050 2011 english energy_roadmap_2050_communication_european_commission2011.pdf
Managing food price volatility for food security and development 2011 english grema_volatility_food_security_and_development_def_sept_2011.pdf
Sustainable food consumption and production in a resource-constrained world 2011 english scar_feg3_final_report_01_02_2011.pdf
Council report - The CAP towards 2020: meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future 2011 english report_council_24-2-2011.doc
The mixed case study approach: Assessing its usefulness as alternative to the CMEF 2011 english lei_-_mixed_case_study_approach_rd_monitoring.pdf
Hedonic hybridization: suburbanized ruralities in Romania and Switzerland 2011 english sil_stef_paper.pdf
Plan d'action sur la volatilite des prix alimentaires et sur l'agriculture - Déclaration ministérielle 2011 french 2011-06-23_-_plan_d_action_-_vfinale.pdf
High commodity prices and volatility…what lies behind the roller coaster ride? 2011 english high_commodity_prices_and_volatility_-_ec_2014.pdf
"Can Trade Policy Really Impact Public Health? An Obesity Case Study from Mexico 2011 english
Presidential conclusion - The CAP towards 2020: meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future 2011 english council_cap20110317.pdf
Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reforms: Proceedings of an OECD workshop 2011 english disaggregated_impacts_capreforms_oecd.pdf
The state of food and agriculture - Women in agriculture 2011 english fao-foodagriculture_2011.pdf
The water footprint of humanity 2011 english hoekstra-mekonnen-2012-water-footprint-of-humanity.pdf
The vulnerability of the European agriculture and food system for calamities and geopolitics - A stress test 2011 english stresstesteuagrfoodsystem.pdf