Publications » Supply chains

Title Year Language Read
Analysis of price transmission along the food supply chain in the EU 2009 english publication16067_price_transmission_ec.pdf
Agricultural commodity derivative markets: the way ahead 2009 english publication16071_derivative_markets_ec.pdf
La Commission propose des actions concrètes pour améliorer les performances de la chaîne d'approvisionnement alimentaire dans l'UE 2009 french ec_food_supply_chainsfr.pdf
Imporiving price transparency along the food supply chain for consumers and policy makers 2009 english publication16073_price_transparency_ec.pdf
Commission proposes concrete actions to improve functioning of the food supply chain in the EU 2009 english ec_food_supply_chains.pdf
The evolution of value-added repartition along the European food supply chain 2009 english publication16075_added_value_repartition_ec.pdf
Supermarkets and Agri-Food Supply Chains: Partnership and Protest 2006 english supermarkets_in_europe_final_draft.doc