Publications » Rural development

Title Year Language Read
Rural development priorities 2014-2020 2015 english publi-enrd-brochure01-2015.pdf
Leader as part of “community-led local development” under the CSF; networking aspects 2014 english leadercsf.ppt
Handbook on rural households' livelihood and well-being (Chapter 5: Inventory of rural indicators by international organizations) 2014 english 2.1_chapter_v_inventory_of_rural_indicators_by_international_organizations.pdf
Rural transformations under Common Agricultural Policy 2007-2013 and future development 2014 english erdn_gotowy-net.pdf
Have the member states and the Commission achieved value for money with the measures for diversifying the rural economy? 2013 english evaluation_of_effectiveness_axis_3_-_european_court_of_auditors_2013.pdf
Targeting of aid for the modernisation of agricultural holdings 2012 english eca_cap_modernisation_agriculture_measures2012.pdf
EU Rural Review - LEADER and Cooperation 2012 english enrd_rural_review_11_leadercooperation.pdf
The mixed case study approach: Assessing its usefulness as alternative to the CMEF 2011 english lei_-_mixed_case_study_approach_rd_monitoring.pdf
The diversity of rural areas as background for place-based policy and planning 2011 english wass-seminar-sylvia-herrmann.pdf
The Common Strategic Framework and its Impact on Rural Development (Summary) 2011 english 2_summary_ruraldevelopment_chambonmitutasurubaru_pp50_ne_dec2011.pdf
The Common Strategic Framework and its Impact on Rural Development (Full report) 2011 english the_csf_and_its_impact_on_rural_development.pdf
Developing a vision on the future of agriculture and rural development in the EU 2011 english constantinou_dgagri.ppt
EU Rural Review - Public Goods and Rural Development 2011 english ruralreview7_publicgoods_rd.pdf
Rural development in the CAP post 2013 2011 english jabor_rdpost2013.ppt
DERREG - Developing Europe's Rural Regions in the Era of Globalization 2011 english derreg20policy20brief20final20version.pdf
State of Play of Leader 2011 english leader_eu_state_of_play.pdf
Socio-spatial reconfiguraions in a transformative landscape 2010 english sgt_reconfig.pdf
Study on Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas (SEGIRA) - Main report 2010 english ecorys_segira_fulltext.pdf
Place-based approaches to regional development: Global trends and Australian implications 2010 english tomaney_2010_place-based_approaches_to_regional_development.pdf
Study on Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas (SEGIRA) - Summary 2010 english ecorys_segira_summary.pdf