Publications ยป Non-EU policies

Title Year Language Read
Overview of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Europe 2016 english overview-of-community-supported-agriculture-in-europe-final.pdf
Beyond the farm bill - Conference report 2014 english beyond_the_farm_bill_iatp_conference_report.pdf
House-Senate negotiators announce bipartisan agreement on final farm bill 2014 english bipartisanagreement_on_farm_bill_jan_2014.pdf
Agricultural Research in Africa: Why CAADP should follow IAASTD 2012 english agricultural_research_in_africa_aprodev-pelum_briefing_on_caadp_final2012.pdf
U.S. Agricultural Policy: An Overview 2012 english farm_bill-09-26-2012.pdf
For Food Security, China tries an alternative to industrial agriculture 2012 english food_security_policy_china.pdf
Latest U.S. Farm Bill developments 2012 english latest_farm_bill_developmentsnovember_2012.pdf
Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods in the United States 2011 english err128_reportsummary.pdf
The new US Farm Bill: Zooming in on ACRE 2009 english map_feb_09_us_farm_bill_1.pdf
U.S. Farm Bill and the EU Common Agriculture Policy at crossroads - A global dialogue on U.S., Canadian and EU Agriculture policies (Conference report) 2007 english iatp_report_conference_farmbillcap.pdf
Getting more conservation out of farm policy 2006 english iatp_view_on_new_farm_bill.pdf