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Have the management instruments applied to the market in milk and milk products achieved their main objectives? - Press release 2009 english eesc_press_release.pdf
Riding the wave: high prices, big business? The role of multinationals in the international grain markets 2009 english riding_the_wave_lei2009.pdf
Situation on the milk market 2009 english situation_milk_market_ec.pdf
Food prices in Europe 2008 english ec_food_prices.pdf
Prix des denrées alimentaires en Europe 2008 french ec_food_prices_fr.pdf
Les politiques agricoles et la tourmente des marchés mondiaux des matières premières 2008 french bourgeois_matpremlb.pdf
Agricultural commodity markets - Outlook 2007-2016 2007 english ag_commodity_markets_outlook_2007-2016.pdf
Prospects for agricultural markets and income in the European Union 2007-2014 2007 english ag_markets2007-2014_ec.pdf
The state of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2007 english fao-state_of_ag_com_markets_2006.pdf
Agricultural commodity markets - Past development and outlook 2006 english ag_commodity_market.past_devs_and_outlook_2006.pdf