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Franzy in Food Markets 2011 english frenzy_in_food_markets.doc
Action plan on food price volatility and agriculture - Ministerial declaration 2011 english 2011-06-23_-_action_plan_-g20.pdf
Plan d'action sur la volatilite des prix alimentaires et sur l'agriculture - Déclaration ministérielle 2011 french 2011-06-23_-_plan_d_action_-_vfinale.pdf
Managing food price volatility for food security and development 2011 english grema_volatility_food_security_and_development_def_sept_2011.pdf
High commodity prices and volatility…what lies behind the roller coaster ride? 2011 english high_commodity_prices_and_volatility_-_ec_2014.pdf
Price volatility in food and agricultural markets: Policy responses 2011 english interagency_report_to_the_g20_on_food_price_volatility.pdf
Scarcity in a sea of plenty? Global resource scarcities and policies in the European Union and the Netherlands 2011 english pbl_scarcity_in_a_sea_of_plenty.pdf
Feeding the Financial Hype - How Excessive Financial Investments Impact Agricultural Derivatives Markets 2011 english feeding_the_financial_hype.pdf
The Food Crises and Political Instability in North Africa and the Middle East 2011 english food_crisespolitical_instability_necsi2012.pdf
The EU-15 dumping of animal products on average from 2006 to 2008 2011 english dumping, livestock, livestock farming, export, import, export refunds, agricultural products, milk
France sees wide support to regulate food markets 2010 english france_regulate_world_food_markets.doc
Placing the 2006/08 Commodity Price Boom into Perspective 2010 english worldbank_foodpriceboom.pdf
Dairy products cannot be left to market forces alone - Press release 2010 english eesc_press_release.pdf
Speculation and the New Commodity Price Crisis: Separating the wheat from the chaff 2010 english speculation_and_the_new_commodity_price_crisis.doc
US and EU lower cereals stocks and new hikes in food prices ahead 2010 english us_and_eu_projected_lower_cereals_stocks_and_new_hikes_in_food_prices_ahead.doc
Volatility of farm incomes, prices and yields in the European Union 2009 english volatility_farm_incomes_eu_lei.pdf
Historical price volatility 2009 english ec_volatility_en.pdf
Les instruments de gestion du marché du lait et des produits laitiers ont-ils atteint leurs principaux objectifs? 2009 french eca_milkfr.pdf
Have the management instruments applied to the market in milk and milk products achieved their main objectives? 2009 english eca_milk.pdf
Have the management instruments applied to the market in milk and milk products achieved their main objectives? - Press release 2009 english eesc_press_release.pdf