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Title Year Language Read
Voluntary standards for sustainable food systems: Challenges and Opportunities 2014 english voluntary_standards_for_sustainable_food_systems.pdf
UN Global compact management model - Framework for implementation 2013 english un_global_compact_management_model.pdf
Measuring and managing total impact: A new language for business decision 2013 english measuring_and_managing_total_impact_-_pwc.pdf
Is 'natural capital' the next generation of corporate social responsibility? 2013 english natural_capital_monetary_indicators_-tom_smedley_guadian_2013.docx
The Energy cost of food 2013 english the_energy_cost_of_food.pdf
Life cycle impacts of protein-rich foods for Superwijzer 2011 english ce_delft_-_life_cycle_impacts_of_protein-rich_foods_for_superwijzer_.pdf
Sustainable value analysis: Sustainability in a new light 2011 english svappas_eurochoice_article.pdf
Les indicateurs de développement durable 2010 french revuecgdd_indicateurs_developpement_durable.pdf
GDP and beyond - Measuring progress in a changing world 2009 english eucommission_gdp_and_beyond.pdf
Imported food could be greener than local, says DEFRA 2009 english imported_food_could_be_greener_than_local.doc
SEAMLESS - a System for Impact Assessment support 2009 english seamless.pdf
Sustainability evaluation of high value-added products 2008 english measuringsustainabilityofhighvalueaddedproducts.pdf
Environmental Impact of Products (EIPRO) - Analysis of the life cycle environmental impacts related to the final consumption of the EU-25 2006 english environmental_impact_of_products_report.pdf
Europe 2005: The Ecological footprint 2005 english europe_2005_ecological_footprint1.pdf
Environmental key performance indicators methodology - PUMA company english environmental_key_performance_indicators_-_puma_company.pdf
Sustainability indicators as core of greening in the CAP english sustainability_indicators_greening_cap-yara.pdf