Publications » Food security

Title Year Language Read
Beyond factory farming - Sustainable Solutions for Animals, Peopleand the Planet 2009 english beyondfactoryfarmingreport2009_compassioninworldfarming.pdf
Eating the Planet: Feeding and fuelling the world sustainably, fairly and humanely - a scoping study 2009 english eatingtheplanetfullreportnov2009_alpen-adria-universitat_klagenfurt.pdf
Europe and Global Food Security: What is food security? 2009 english euractiv_dossier_on_food_security.doc
The state of food and agriculture - Livestock in the balance 2009 english fao_state_of_food_and_agriculture_lifestock.pdf
The global food challenge - Towards a human rights approach to trade and investment policies 2008 english iatp_global_food_challengesummary.pdf
2011 Global food policy report - Full report 2001 english global_food_policy_report_2011_ifpri-_full_version_.pdf