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Title Year Language Read
Europeans' attitudes towards food security, food quality and the countryside 2012 english eurobarometer389_food_security_food_qualitycountryside.pdf
The state of food and agriculture - Women in agriculture 2011 english fao-foodagriculture_2011.pdf
The vulnerability of the European agriculture and food system for calamities and geopolitics - A stress test 2011 english stresstesteuagrfoodsystem.pdf
Competing claims on land for food and biodiversity 2011 english competing_land_claims_food_biodiversity_lei_2011.pdf
Participatory Research and On-Farm Management of Agricultural Biodiversity in Europe 2011 english foodsecurity_climatechange_iied.pdf
Food for thought against food security concerns 2011 english food_for_thought_against_food_security_concerns.doc
2011 Global food policy report - Preview 2011 english global_food_policy_report_2011_ifpri_-_preview.pdf
Who will feed the world? The production challenge 2011 english who-will-feed-the-world-oxfam.pdf
Food security and national security: Learning from China's approach to managing its wheat supplies 2011 english iatp_foodsecurity_china.pdf
Food security and the EU's Common Agricultural Policy: Facts Against Fears 2011 english zahrnt_foodsecturitycap.pdf
Agricultural innovation for food security and poverty reduction in the 21st century: Issues for Africa and the World 2010 english sow1120issues20paper_full20version_final.pdf
Can we feed 9 billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way? 2010 english feeding20the20future20booklet20final.pdf
Right to food - Report 2010 english un_hrc_right_to_food.pdf
The EU historical responsibility to rebuild the agricultural policies on food sovereignty 2010 english eu_responsibility_to_rebuild_the_agricultural_policies_on_food_sovereignty.pdf
Trade and Food Security 2010 english european_economic_and_social_committee_m._campli.doc
Declaration of the World Summit on Food Security 2009 english fao-food_security_declaration.pdf
The Environmental Food Crisis 2009 english the_environmental_food_crisis_-_unep.pdf
The role of development cooperation and food aid in realizing the right to adequate food: moving from charity to obligation - Report 2009 english the_right_to_food_unhrc.pdf
Le rôle de la coopération en faveur du développement et de l'aide alimentaire dans la réalisation du droit à une alimentation suffisante: de la charité à l'obligation 2009 french the_right_to_food_unhrcfr.pdf
Beyond factory farming - Sustainable Solutions for Animals, Peopleand the Planet 2009 english beyondfactoryfarmingreport2009_compassioninworldfarming.pdf