Publications » CAP reform 2014-2020

Title Yearsort ascending Language Read
Speech: I want a CAP that is strong, efficient and well balanced 2010 english speech-10-400_en1.pdf
Integrating public health in the Common Agriculture Policy 2010 english conclusions_integrating_public_health_cap.pdf
La PAC post 2013 - Rapport de cloture 2010 french hervieu-closing-report_fr.pdf
Le Discours: Je veux une PAC forte, efficace et equilibree 2010 french speech-10-400_fr1.pdf
For a New European Agriculture and Food Policy that meets the challenges of this century 2010 english proposal_for_a_new_european_agriculture_and_food_policy-.pdf
CAP reform beyond 2013: An idea for a longer view 2009 english notre_europe_capreform.pdf
Vista on a new rural policy 2009 english vista_on_a_new_rural_policy.pdf
Why do we need a Common Agricultural Policy - Discussion paper 2009 english ec-cap2013_discussion_paper.pdf
Towards a Common Agricultural Policy that meets today's challenges 2009 english 2009_11_statement14_common_agricultural_policy.pdf
The CAP after the Health Check 2009 english 091001_future_of_cap_l1_standard_en_no_anim.ppt
"A Common Agricultural Policy for European Public Goods: Declaration by a Group of Leading Agricultural Economists" 2009 english declaration_agricultural_economists.doc
European young farmers' priorities for the CAP after 2013 2008 english ceja-n-057-2008-en_declaration20installation2020cap202013_finale.pdf
Les priorites des jeunes agriculteurs europeens pour la PAC de l'apres 2013 2008 french ceja-n-057-2008-fr_declaration20installation2020cap202013_finale.pdf