PRESS RELEASE: ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project helps to answer questions on the reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Official launch on November 27 by Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Sharon Dijksma

November 2014

On November 27 the Groupe de Bruges will officially launch a unique e-learning platform,, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The platform consists of five parts: CAP Game, CAP Basic videos, CAP Pro course, CAP Events & CAP Forums.

The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project has been built on the objective to increase and disseminate the knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP not only for academics and other experts, but to make this rather complex policy also accessible in a simple way to the general public.

Arie van den Brand, Groupe de Bruges’ President: “the CAP is no longer exclusively the domain of farmers and directly involved experts. The CAP is concerned with our daily food and is paid for by the European tax payer. They have a right to know what happens with their tax money and what they get in return as consumers. Over the last 20 years the Groupe de Bruges has been engaged in involving the general public in the debate about a more sustainable European agriculture, food and corresponding policies. This e-learning project offers European citizens an easy accessible portal to become informed about the new CAP and to express their opinion about it”.

The official launch by Minister Dijksma will take place during a public debate at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam: 'Closing the gap on the CAP: young urbanites and young farmers discuss with each other about the future of farming’.

After the official launch the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ platform will be fully functional, but it is possible to have a preview starting today. It is among others possible to play the CAP Game and to download a free trial module of the CAP Pro course


Download this announcement in PDF: In English / In Dutch


For more information, please contact Mr Bart Soldaat, at +316 2129 2979.

About  the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project

The project is developed by the Groupe de Bruges in association with the Economic Faculty of the University of Ancona and the Associazione Alessandro Bartola. Co-financed by European Commission and Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.