“Food and agricultural policies need a new narrative as a first step for a paradigm shift towards sustainable and secure food production”. With these words Miss Gerda Verburg, chairperson of the Committee of World Food Security (CSF) set the tone for the debate during the event
Unique e-learning platform,, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), has been present at the International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin last month.
'Can EU CAP it?’ Project is on tour - and the next stop is Paris, the Salon d'Agriculture. We are organising a seminar & local competitions to accompany our activities on stand.
From 16 January, until the 25 January, Groupe de Bruges is present at the 80th International Green Week 2015".
On January 16 and 17 representatives of the Dutch CAP pilots for cooperative, territorial management of biodiversity will be present at the Green Week in Berlin. They will bring the ideas about collective management of ´green-blue´ services into the limelight.
"The first meeting was in the first week of February 1995 in the beautiful city of Bruges under the passionate leadership of Edgar Pisani, former French minister of agriculture and former European Commissioner. I will always remember two crucial remarks of this great statesman, who currently is 96 years old! ...