PRESS RELEASE Unique book on the CAP is ready: Taste it!

30 April 2016

We are now excited to announce the launch of the “CAP Cook Book”.

The CAP Cook Book offers a unique perspective about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). No matter what is your current knowledge on this topic, it provides practical information on the CAP, written in an easy to understand way, is combined with real recipes of Slow Food chefs and portraits of (young) farmers from across Europe explaining how they implement the CAP to make agriculture both more sustainable and more competitive.

We also feature interviews, short essays of experts and stakeholders, giving their views on the new CAP and its implementation in 8 different countries – easily understood by anyone reading it.

A preview of the CAP Cook Book is available on our website to highlight a Dutch example of a farm the Netherlands of Jaring Brunia, CAP information made easy to understand and a tastefully designed receipt for Creamy risotto by Dutch chef Naresh Ramdjas.

Samuel Féret, president of Groupe de Bruges, said: "We are very proud to announce the delivery of our unique CAP Cook Book. After many month of testing and mixing its different ingredients from different European countries, this book will contribute to better inform people about CAP realities from farm to fork and to debate next policy developments beyond 2020." 

For more information about the CAP Cook Book preview, order and more information in general visit 


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Ms Michaela Skodova,


About the ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’: The ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’ Project has been built on the objective to increase and disseminate the knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP, and to make this rather complex policy also accessible in a simple way to the general public.

The project is developed by the Groupe de Bruges in association with the Slow Food Youth Network and CEJA. Supported by the Dutch Presidency of the EU and Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

 Co-financed by European Commission.