Dutch CAP pilots for territorial public goods management present at the International Green Week

On January 16 and 17 representatives of the Dutch CAP pilots for cooperative, territorial management of biodiversity will be present at the Green Week in Berlin. They will bring the ideas about collective management of ´green-blue´ services into the limelight.

They do so at the invitation of Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Miss Sharon Dijksma, who invited the pilots at the Green Week previously during the presentation of the final report of the CAP Pilots in June 2014. During the first two days of the International Green Week the pilots will be part of the exhibition stand of the ministry in the Dutch pavilion in Hall 18. 

The Dutch model in which the government makes contracts for biodiversity management with 'territorial collectives' is attracting increasing interest from abroad. As under the new CAP the European Commission makes it possible to make collective agreements for land and water management, a growing number of Member States is becoming interested in this approach. The so-called CAP pilots were implemented from 2011 to 2014. They involved farmers groups from Northern Frisian Woodlands, East Groningen, Low Holland and Winterswijk. Even after conclusion of the pilot, these associations still act as role models for future initiatives, both in The Netherlands and in other Member States.

If you are visiting the Green Week, you are welcome to meet with representatives of the four areas or to reaffirm your previous acquaintance.

For further information, please contact Miss Ingrid van Huizen, +31 653612851, ivhuizen@noardlikefryskewalden.nl