PRESS RELEASE: ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project is on tour. Next stop Rome with public debate on food security and food quality

March 4

The unique e-learning platform on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP),, will be organizing a free public debate on the key issues of food security and food quality at INEA in Rome on Wednesday March 18.   

The free public debate on the topic of: “Food security and food quality in the context of the new CAP” includes a number of keynote speakers, among others Mr Matteo Bartolini, president of CEJA, the European Council of Young Farmers, Miss Gerda Verburg, chairperson of the World Committee on Food Security and Miss Marta Leonori, member of the Rome City Council and responsible for the city’s food policy. To find out more about the seminar please visit:  

The Rome event will mark the last in a series of four that have taken place across Europe in the last months. As a part of this project, a CAP Game was developed. European citizens were able to compete in an exciting EU-wide CAP Game Competition. The top 3 players are invited to Rome for 3 days fully funded trip. During the public debate they will also receive their and competition awards.

The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project has been built on the objective to increase and disseminate the knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP not only for academics and other experts, but to make this rather complex policy also accessible in a simple way to the general public.

Arie van den Brand, Groupe de Bruges’ President: “it is crucial, both for agriculture and the legitimacy of the CAP, that citizens, become better informed about a policy that spends some € 53 billion euro each year. Currently 92% of all European no nothing about it. Here in Holland we have a saying: unknown makes unloved”.



For more information, please contact Mr Bart Soldaat, at +316 2129 2979.

About the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project

In November 2014 the Groupe de Bruges officially launched a unique e-learning platform,, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The platform consists of five parts: CAP Game, CAP Basic videos, CAP Pro course, CAP Events & CAP Forums.

  • CAP Game is a fun way to learn about European agriculture, food, environment and policy.
  • CAP Basic is a series of 4 videos that give a visual overview of the main topics of the Common Agricultural Policy in 10 minute videos.
  • CAP Events is a series of 4 events organized across Europe. For more details on when were are next, go to the website.
  • CAP Pro is a comprehensive e-learning course on the Common Agricultural Policy. The course is available in English, Italian, French and German and can be followed in any order, at any time and at your own pace. A certificate will be issued for those that successfully complete the whole course.
  • CAP Forums is a free space where everybody can share their opinions and experiences of the CAP and the learning platform, provide feedback and discuss with experts and other participants.

About Groupe de Bruges

Groupe de Bruges is an independent network and think tank on European agricultural and rural development policies based in the Netherlands. Founded in 1995.