‘Can EU CAP it?’, CAP Pro course now for free!

Last November the Groupe de Bruges launched a unique e-learning platform, www.caneucapit.eu, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The platform consists of five parts: CAP Game, CAP Basic videos, CAP Pro course, CAP Webinars & CAP Forums. 

CAP Pro is a comprehensive high-level e-learning course on the Common Agricultural Policy. The course has been developed by renowned academic and other experts from across Europe for all who are professionally active in the field of policy implementation, agriculture, food and rural development as well as for academics and students in these fields. The course consists of eight separate modules. See the attached brochure for more details. 

The course is available in English, Italian, French and German and can be followed in any order, at any time and at your own pace. 

Thanks to the European Commission and other sponsors, as off today we can offer this unique course absolutely for free! 

A certificate will be issued for those that successfully complete individual modules or the whole course. Check the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ website for more information. 

A part from the CAP Pro course the ‘Can EU CAP it’ e-learning platform offers:

  • CAP Game: a fun way to learn about European agriculture, food, environment and policy.
  • CAP Basic: a series of 4 videos that will give you a visual overview of the main topics of the Common Agricultural Policy. Learn your CAP basics in a series of 10 minute videos.
  • CAPinars: each month experts will give a 30 minutes webinar on one of the current issues in the implementation of the CAP. Check the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ platform for more information and sign up
  • CAP Forums is a free space where everybody can share their opinions and experiences of the CAP and the learning platform, provide feedback and discuss with experts and other participants.


For more information, please contact the Groupe de Bruges' secretary, Mr Bart Soldaat, soldaat.bart@gmail.com at +316 2129 2979.