ANNOUCEMENT: Seven European Events are underway, save the date(s)!

Last year, we launched ‘CAP, What's cooking?’, an EU funded project to raise awareness, understanding and encourage debate on the Common Agricultural Policy and the future of European agriculture. In close collaboration with the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and the European Young Farms Organisation (CEJA), we are now excited to announce the project program that will culminate in our book release at the end of April.

February 2016

Over the next few months seven local events will be held in on farms across the European Union, in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and UK-Scotland. Each will host a one day programme of farm tours, cooking workshops by local chefs, expert presentations, lunches, dinners, talk shows and debates.

Joris Lohman, chairman of SFYN, said: "We are very proud to announce these dates and this variety of events, spread across Europe. As the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, and in a broader sense, the future of food and farming, concerns us all, it is important that strong relations are being created between the food professionals but also consumers of the future, united in the Slow Food Youth Network on the one hand, and the future producers of our food, Europe’s young farmers, united in the CEJA network on the other hand."

All ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’ events are open and anyone is welcome to join us on the day. You will be able to purchase your tickets online for each event in the coming weeks via ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’ website. We invite you to join us on:

19 March 2016 for events in:

  • Germany, Moosinning. Bio-Bauernhof ran by Amadé Billesberger;
  • France, Broué. ‘La Ferme d’Orvillier’ farm ran by Adrien and Benjamin Pelletier;

2 April 2016 for events in:

  • Bulgaria, Belene. Two day event, firrst part in Belene, on a farm ran by young farmer Dimitar Nikolov. Second part an evening discussion in restaurant in Sofia on 3April;
  • The Netherlands, Flansum, ran by young dairy farmer Jaring Brunia;

9 April 2016 for events in:

  • Denmark, Vipperød. ‘MULD’ farm ran by Jens Vestergaard Jensen and Ane Rørdam Hoffmeyer;
  • Poland, Milejowice. Farm ‘Milejowe Pole’ ran by Ewelina Żygadło;
  • Scotland, Edinburgh. ‘Whitmuir Farm’ ran by Pete Ritchie.

For more information about the events, CAP Cook Book preview, pre-order and more information in general visit


Press Office Contact

Ms Michaela Skodova,  +447842 763 857.

About the ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’: The ‘CAP, What’s cooking’ Project has been built on the objective to increase and disseminate the knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP, and to make this rather complex policy also accessible in a simple way to the general public.

The project is developed by the Groupe de Bruges in association with the Slow Food Youth Network and CEJA.

Co-financed by European Commission.