2nd European conference on territorial cooperation held in great spirit

From April 23 to 25 some 70 people from 12 countries gathered on the beautiful location of De Klinze (Netherlands) to discuss new and innovative approaches for biodiversity and agro-ecological management by groups of farmers.

The conference was a follow up of the one held on December 20 and 21 2013 in France. Among the participants were also representatives of green NGO's and the Commission. The results of the conference will be used to prepare a third, concluding meeting in te Autumn in Brussels.

Download HERE all conference documents

In the CAP post 2013 there is much emphasis on support for cooperation between farmers and between farmers and other stakeholders. In particular concerning the provision of eco-systems servcies (bio diversity, landscape management, water management, etc.) the new CAP offers ample opportunities to support territorial cooperation. In various Member States experiments and pilot-projects have already been set up to anticipate this new policy and to achieve first practical experiences.

Both conferences were organised by the Groupe de Bruges in collaboration with the French Ministry for Agriculture and the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs.

The background of these meetings is to come to a structural exchange of information, both scientific and practical, at the European level between the different stakeholders involved (groups of farmers and other landowners, researchers, NGO's and policy makers).

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