Conference & Civil society gathering on GOOD FOOD and GOOD FARMING: “Renewing civil society’s agenda towards sustainable food and agriculture”


Why you should attend?

People of all ages across Europe are hungry for change and want to see better agri-food policies based on agro-ecological principles. This conference and gathering will help develop a civil society agenda for the agroecological changes needed in the food system, including in Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Good food and farming practices already taking place across Europe will be highlighted.

This 2-day event brings together representatives from civil society, grassroots groups, researchers, national/regional authorities, policymakers and more to:

  1. Assess the implementation of the reformed CAP 2014-2020, prospects of agricultural sustainability and of rural renaissance.
  2. Identify milestones to support transition food and agriculture systems based on agroecological approaches.

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