FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page collects the questions (and relative answers) that people ask us more frequently.

I don't remember my username and/or password.

If you ever forget your username and/or password follow the instructions on this page:
http://caneucapit.eu/cap-e-learning/login/forgot_password.php. You'll be able to start the automatic recovery procedure to retrieve your username or password. Just fill the form with your email **OR** with your username (if you remember it). You don't need to provide both of them.

I didn't received the confirmation (or recovery) email. What should I do ?

To finalise registration on this site you need to click on the link contained in the confirmation email you receive shortly after registration.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, the reason could be:

  1. The email provided is not correct. Solution: register again using your correct email
  2. The email has been categorised as "spam”. Solution: using your email program, look for the email in the spam folder, click on it and select something like "not spam”
  3. Your email provider blacklists and blocks our emails. Solution: use an other email provider

If you still can't register to the platform, please contact-us.

Who is this platform for? / Who can access the e-learning courses?
We aim to present, discuss and teach a wide range of target groups the new CAP with the information accessible to all online.
This platform is for both - General public and Rural actors (such as farmers and farmers' organisations, professionals, civil servants, students and academics).

Is there any cost to join the CanEUCAPit.eu platform or to participate?

Thanks to the European Commission funding, the platform is offered for free.

Who is behind the platform?

The platform is an initiative of the Groupe de Bruges, an independent not-for-profit network on European agricultural and rural development policies. It was founded in 1995. The Groupe de Bruges is not in any way connected to political or business interests. For more information visit the Groupe de Bruges website: www.groupedebruges.eu.

Do I have to know something about the agriculture to join this platform?/How much do I need to know about agriculture?

To join the platform you do not need to have any knowledge about agriculture. We hope to provide you with the tools to learn and get to know European agriculture and the EU Common Agricultural Policy. There is four video's available, each on different topic related with the reformed CAP: The future of farming, Future of rural areas, Management of natural resources & Food security. .

In order to successfully complete the CAP Pro course, some basic knowledge of the topic is required.

What's the difference between CAP Game, CAP Basic  and CAP Pro?

CAP Game offers basic information about European agricultural and policy in the form of a serious game. Although aimed at young people, age group 16 - 25 years, everybody can take part and play it. The rules of the game have to be discovered by the player themselves while playing. .
CAP Basic is a 100% free YouTube based e-learning course. The content will be geared towards those with no or little knowledge about the European agriculture and will show - in a concise but rigorous way - the basics of the European Common Agricultural Policy. This course is complemented with a series of face-to-face events running across Europe and a Discussion Space for each of the four themes.
CAP Pro is a free, more in-depth course aimed at students and professionals regarding the CAP 2014-2020. We offer this course online - you can do the course from any device, any location and at your own pace. This course is provided in 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian.
* Please note that in order to communicate any issues with the platform or get help and support in the discussion forum, you will currently need to use English language.

Who can view the CAP Basic course?
Anyone can view the CAP Basic course, the CAP Videos are 100% free.
Who can view the CAP Pro course?
Anyone can view the CAP Pro course as it is 100% free.
Who can play the CAP Game? / What is the purpose of the CAP Game?

The CAP Game was developed as a fun way to learn about serious issues that concern us all every day.
Want to know where your food is coming from? How much money is spent on farmers? And what they have to do in return? Who's responsible for all this?
An anonymous game available on the website that can be used for educational purposes. We also have more in-depth version where players are challenged beyond their basic knowledge and are encouraged to play against friends. Interested? Click to PLAY.

Is this platform only for EU citizens?
There is no reason for anyone outside of Europe not to join and participate at this platform. Anyone with the interest in the European Common Agricultural Policy is welcome. If you think the information and courses on the website should be available in your language, get in touch with us.
Who can participate in the 'Can EU CAP it?' Events? / What happens at the CAP Events?
The series of 4 CAP Basic videos were launched at the four CAP Basic events that took place in 4 European capitals.
  1. Amsterdam (27 November 2014): public debate on the future of farming
  2. Berlin (16 - 25 January 2015): exhibition stand at International Green Week (IGW) and free workshop on future of rural areas
  3. Paris (22 February - 1 March 2015): exhibition stand at Salon d'Agriculture and free workshop on sustainable management of natural resources
  4. Rome (18 March 2015): public debate on food security, food safety & food quality (in collaboration with INEA)
Summary videos of the events as well as some presentations of the speakers are available on the platform with English subtitles.
What is the purpose of the Discussion forum?

Your opinions and feedback on what you have learned and experienced can be expressed in the CAP Discussion Space. There are four forums for each of the four main topics. The Space offers you the opportunity to connect with other users from around Europe and to take part in polls, surveys and webinars. If you wish to give us feedback on the Platform or any aspect, please use the Contact us form to do so.

Is there an age limit / minimum age to participate?
There is no age limit or minimum age to use the 'Can EU CAP it?' platform, whether it's the CAP Game (Play for fun), CAP Basic, CAP Pro, CAP Forums.
Will I receive a certificate?

The CAP Pro course has been developed by the Groupe de Bruges in collaboration with reputable academic and other experts. Successfully completing modules or the whole course will therefore reflect positively on your CV or academic curriculum. For this reason we issue certificates of achievement for successfully completing a module of the whole course. Certificates for individual modules is issued after completion of the verification test of that module with a minimum score of 60% and after payment of €10 for administrative cost. Certificate for the whole course (8 modules) is issued after completion of the final course verification test with a minimum score of 66% and after payment of €50 for administrative cost. To receive a certificate, please contact the platforms moderator. The moderator will check your score and ask for details for shipping of the certificate. After this the moderator will send you an invoice for the payment. After receiving the payment the certificate will be send to the shipping address. Contact info@groupedebruges.eu for more information.
The proficiency certificate is issued by the Groupe de Bruges and digitally signed with a unique number (printed at the bottom) that allows institutions to check for its originality at this page. However, we cannot guarantee the "legal value" of this certificate in your country.

I am a student. Will the completion of the CAP Pro course and the certificate entitle me to ECTS points?
The CAP Pro course is in principle equivalent to 4 ECTS points. A growing number of academic institutions have accredited the course. Please check with your own academic institute.
Until when will I have access to the Can EU CAP it platform?

Participants can register and follow skill pills and modules at any time. The Cap Game and CAP Basic videos will remain and so will the CAP Pro e-learning course.

Still have questions? Contact* Michaela Skodova, 'Can EU CAP it?' Project Communication Manager at mskodova@outlook.com. Whether you are an individual, organisation, network and you are keen on some type of cooperation for you or your network, get in touch with us - we might be able to help offer you unique benefits.

* Please note that in order to communicate any issues with the platform or get help and support in the discussion forum, you will currently need to use English language.

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