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A place for important announcements regarding the virtual 'Can EU CAP it?' campus.

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The future of farming
This topic is connected with the need to assure a future to European farming and food production. Therefore, the topics faced relate to: CAP budget and income support, generational renewal/young farmers, technology, science and innovation in agriculture
The future of rural areas
This topic regards the territorial socio-economic disparities existing in Europe and the strategies adopted to reduce them by favouring integration, cohesion and a uniform development. The topics faced are: European territorial diversity, rurality and urban-rural relationships, local ...
Sustainable management of natural resources
This topic focuses on environmental aspects related to agriculture (particularly biodiversity, landscape, water and energy management) and on the European objective of combating climate change and adapting to the effects of climate change.
Food security, food safety and food quality
This topic relates to the need and instruments to ensure food security for a growing world population as well as providing access to sufficient and nutritious food for low income people.

This section relates to live webinars and Q&A’s organised on the topics related to the CAP. To view the upcoming or past events, click on the discussion links below.

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