Become a member

As mentioned in our mission statement, the Groupe de Bruges always maintains an independent position. We expect the same from our members, who are always individuals.

For this reason we have an organisation profile as well as a membership profile. This can be downloaded HERE.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please send a request through this website form (bottom of the page). Your request will then be evaluated by the Board in the closest Board meeting. You will be contacted regarding your application.

The annual fee for all members is currently € 50. 

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Groupe de Bruges structure

  • Board

The Board consists of four members: Samuel Ferét (France), president, Anna Augustyn (Poland) & Zdenek Linhart (Czech Republic) vice-presidents and John Brennan (Ireland).

  • Secretariat

The secretariat prepares the meetings logistically, keeps the financial accounts, maintains the members' database and the Groupe de Bruges' website. The main secretariat is at the moment located in the Netherlands. See also the 'contact' page