About us

The Groupe de Bruges is an independent network and think tank on European agricultural and rural development policies.

Our mission:

“To be (to remain) an independent network with a critical but in the end positive outlook on Europe, through which we feed the debate and develop solutions to come to more effective and integrated European policies, aimed at achieving sustainable agriculture, food production and consumption; sustainable management of natural resources and durable vitality of rural areas and communities in conjunction with urban development and communities, based on a global, long term vision and a multi-actor, multi-stakeholder involvement, as a way to contribute to the construction of the European project at large. We regard food, environment and rural areas from a holistic, integrated, systems approach, involving the different levels (local to global) of governance (public and private) to achieve the ecological modernisation of agriculture.”

More information about the Groupe de Bruges vision, mission and strategic outlook can be downloaded HERE.

The current 2014 - 2020 work programme can be downloaded HERE.

Interested to know more about the history of Bruges Group?

The premises: the Groupe de Seillac: At the beginning of the 1990s, the first signs of the crisis affecting the Common Agricultural Policy finally found their expression in a plan for reform. Ray McSharry, the European Commissioner responsible for carrying out the reform, put forward a plan which was strongly criticised by professional organisations … Read more /Plus (FR)